My Food Storage Philosophy

I just want to quickly give you an idea of what my philosophy and take on food storage is so that you’ll have a little better idea of what kind of information you’ll be coming across on this site. To me, food storage is not something static. It’s action. You don’t just buy a bunch of food, pack it away somewhere, and then never think about it again for the next 30 years when you open it up and cross your fingers that it has managed to stay tasty and nutritious for that long. No. ‘Food Storage’ is a day-to-day, everyday type of deal. It should be food that you know and love, food you will eat and enjoy, and, simply put, there should be enough of it to last a year. That’s it. Your everyday food, but enough to last a year. Naturally some items and recipes will have to be adjusted in order to have a ready supply of menus that can last a year, but it’s easy-peasy and we’re hopefully going to master this together!
So if you’re looking for someone who is going to tell you to go buy a 365-day supply of freeze dried meals, you might as well leave now because this is not that site and I am not that person. But we will find that everything has a time and a place (even freeze dried foods) in the food storage game and we’ll explore a lot of options together. I hope you’ll join me and open up a whole new world of food storage possibilities.