Food Storage: One Goal Down!

Ask and ye shall receive! Woohoo! I asked Hubby last week if we could build a bookcase for our room and bada-boom-bada-bing! Ta-da!! I present to you our new bookcase!

I was a little eager to get everything organized and put away on it that I neglected to take a picture before I started to fill up the shelves (and I was too lazy to pull all the books back off). πŸ™‚ But isn’t it a beauty? We were going to stain it but forgot to get the stain while we were at the hardware store, and again… I was too impatient to wait for it before organizing away. (COD, remember?!) So it will remain unstained for now. I like it that way anyway.
But as you can see, this bookshelf is being used for books and the upper shelves hold all our games. So how in the world is this for food storage? Well, simply because all of these games and books USED to be on bookshelves in the office (where half of my food storage is anyway), and now I was able to vacate those shelves and I can use them for more food storage and keep more of it together in one place. I’m so excited! πŸ˜€ I can’t believe I’ve already got my first new year’s goal done! Woohoo! And one of the best parts about making it ourselves was that we could customize the heights to make sure everything fit that we wanted. So I’m lovin’ my new bookshelf! Not bad for a days work. πŸ™‚
I hope all your food storage fun is coming along just as well! Best wishes!


Feature Frugal Friday: Homemade Rotating Can Racks

Howdy y’all! Alright… this will just be a quicky. This is both a super cool and super frugal idea (hence we’ve got a Feature Frugal Friday goin’ on!) πŸ™‚ Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of links with you for anyone who is wanting a rotating can rack system for all your canned goods, but maybe doesn’t have the resources to go out and buy one. (They can be pretty dang expensive!) Well, here are some guides to making your very own homemade rotating can racks. They range from small and super cheap (as in ‘inexpensive’) by making cupboard sized systems using cardboard, or you can also get pretty elaborate and make the big hefty kind using plywood.

Anyway… here are some great tutorials for y’all to enjoy:

1. This is probably my favorite in terms of being an excellent tutorial, as well as a fabulous looking finished product. It uses some tools that may not be common to every household (i.e. router), but it’s worth a look. Someday (when I’ve got some space), I’m gettin’ Hubby to build me one of these! πŸ˜€
Click HERE.

2. This tutorial is another very good one. It goes into more detail and has more pictures than the first. Again, though… it uses some tools that you might not have at home.
Click HERE.

3. This one is a video and doesn’t give a written guide, but it is a great example of where you can “hide” a rotating can rack, along with some verbal instructions on how to make it:
Click HERE for the YouTube video.

4. And this tutorial is for a small rotating can system that can fit on your cupboard shelves. In the tutorial they use cardboard, which I image makes this practically free. But you could also use some thin wood or something to make it a little more sturdy if you wanted.
Click HERE.

Well, enjoy your weekend!
Oh, and just a heads up… next week’s feature will also include a GIVEAWAY! {GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED.} So don’t forget to bookmark this site and check back often!

Feature Friday: Shelf Organizers!

These are the COOLEST idea for those who do not have the space or money for those huge self-rotating can racks (and actually, even if you do have one of those big ones, these are still a good idea for your cupboards/pantry)! They are can organizers/rotators for your shelves! And they’re not even expensive! Ooo… you know I love this!

The Can Organizer

Here’s a quick, crazy, ‘small world’ story for you: I actually came across this company a little while back and thought this was a definite ‘future purchase’ for me. So onto the Wish List it went. And then with this week being the time to find and dedicate space, I thought it might be a good idea to do a feature on these shelf organizers. And THEN, my faithful visiting teachers came over for a visit this week and as we were chatting we got to talking about food storage (what else?!) πŸ™‚ when one of the ladies says, “Ya, my sister and her husband have actually created an organizer for the shelf that’s made out of cardboard.” I told her I’ve seen those types and was actually planning to do a feature on them this Friday. So I ask her for her sister’s company so I can feature them too, and lo and behold… it’s the same one!! WHAT A SMALL WORLD. So anyway, this is no longer on my ‘purchase someday’ list… I went ahead and bought some yesterday! That was just the little push that I needed.Β (Hey, I support my VTs and their sisters. :)) They’ve even got a deal going on right now that you can save 10% when you order 5 or more packs of organizers (4 to a pack). Just enter ‘Save10’ when you checkout.

Anyway, I’ll do another feature once I get them and have used them a little to let ya’ll know how I like them, but I am super super excited! You know me and organization! πŸ˜€

So if you’ve got the itch to get organized, and want an affordable option, go check these guys out! Their website is: Β And tell them Debbie sent you. Β …just kidding. They don’t even know who I am, but I just always wanted to say that. πŸ˜€