A Quick Conference Packet Update…

Hey everyone! For all my LDS friends, I’m sure you’re aware that General Conference is fast approaching and that there have been some big changes in church leadership due to the passing of our dear President Monson, as well as Elder Hales! Sadly, I haven’t had time to work on a new conference activity packet, but I’ve had enough requests for an update that I figured I’d add a quick lil’ update on some affected pages of the Ultimate Conference Activity Packets 1 & 2. It’s nothing fancy or exciting, but just a quick something to allow the kiddos to recognize the new leadership. Look for a new packet hopefully coming for the October Conference with the included new apostles!

A is for Apostles- UpdateA is for Apostles- Update (April 2018)

First Presidency and Quorum NOTES UpdateFirst Presidency and Quorum NOTES Update (April 2018)

(Click the file name to get the full PDF of Notes pages. There are 3 pages that include the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve. And yep… there’s a typo in it. Doh! “Neal A. Andersen” is supposed to be “Neil L. Andersen”. Sorry about that!)

And that’s it for now! Hopefully that helps a wee bit. 😉 And enjoy Conference y’all!! …and Easter… and April Fool’s Day! 😂 (Who’d have ever thought all three would be on the same day?? 😝)

And P.S. any new packets will likely be posted on a new website I’m working on. Our family has family made a long-anticipated move to the country and we are excited to start sharing our new adventures with y’all! So stay tuned for where to find some crazy homesteading adventures! 😝









General Conference Packet Updates!

updates-picHey y’all!

I have FINALLY gotten around to updating the two Ultimate General Conference Packets to include the three newest members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. (Better late than never, right??) Please note that these are NOT the full packets. I only updated the pages that specifically needed the updating, so each Update is only 3 pages long. Please see the original posts (packet 1) (packet2) to get the full packets, and then use the Update to replace the outdated pages.

So here they are!…

[Please note: These are the Updates from 2016. If you need the April 2018 mini updates, click HERE]

The Ultimate LDS General Conference Packet 1- Update

The Ultimate LDS General Conference Packet 2- Update

Sure hope y’all enjoy General Conference!! What a way to be spiritually prepared! My favorite! 🙂