Feature Friday: Emergency Essentials!

Woohoo! It’s FRIDAY! I am so ready for this weekend! šŸ˜€ But first, I’ve got an exciting announcement! Food Storage And Beyond is now an affiliate with Emergency Essentials! I’m so excited about this because I do most of my long term food storage shopping at Emergency EssentialsĀ® and love their product, service, and prices.

Emergency EssentialsĀ®

This is a company I really do support and can stand behind. I’m sure that if I lived in ‘Happy Valley’ and had access to all of my food storage wants and needs at the nearest grocer, than I might not need a company like Emergency EssentialsĀ®. However, I live in an area where the nearest LDS cannery is at least an hour away, and we can only go during scheduled times with our ward. So with two little ones and only having the chance to go 2 or 3 days out of the year (on which dates I have yet to be able to attend), I choose to get my food storage needs elsewhere. And that’s usually at Emergency Essentials. This is because they almost always have the lowest price on whatever I’m looking to get, I trust their product, and they’ve got a $12 shipping cap on purchases over $120. So you’ll never spend more than that in shipping… even if you buy 10 big superpails of wheat! That’s worth it to me even if I did live in Happy Valley!

So go ahead and check them out. As I mentioned earlier this week, NOW is the time to be stocking up. Do not wait any longer. Get your wheat, get your rice, get your oats… get it while it’s there to be got. Oh. And on that note, I went to purchase some more wheat just the other day (at Emergency EssentialsĀ®) and noticed that it said the product was on backorder. Rice was in the same boat. So I called their offices up to see how long it was backordered and the lady informed me that generally from the time you place an order (on a backordered item) it takes about 2-3 weeks for that item to get in and then they process it and ship it out. But she also said if you wait for the website to show that the item is In Stock, it could be a whole lot longer than that. In other words, don’t wait for the website to say it’s In Stock, because you may be waiting forever. The food is flying off the shelves as soon as they can get it in. (What are you waiting for?!)

Anyway, there will be a permanent link to their site on my sidebar so as soon as you’re ready to get your food, you can just click on over and order away! Good luck in all your preparedness efforts and have a productive weekend! šŸ™‚