Feature Friday: How Prepared Are You?

Hey y’all! Guess what? This month (September) is National Preparedness Month! So keeping in the spirit of things, I thought it would be fun to take a little preparedness quiz to see just how ready we are for different emergency scenarios and find any areas that are needing improvement. 🙂 Ready? Here we go…

1. If the power went out during the evening, I would:
__ A. Sit in the dark, waiting for the power to come back.
__ B. Light candles.
__ C. Search the kitchen drawers for flashlight batteries; they’ve got to be in there somewhere.
__ D. Know exactly where to find flashlights, battery-powered lanterns and fresh batteries. Additionally, I have a supply of candles and matches for longer-term lighting needs, along with an oil lantern and a supply of oil!

2. If our home were without water for a day or two, we would:
__ A. Drink soda or juice and wash up at school or the office.
__ B. Visit relatives or friends where we could take showers and use the bathroom.
__ C. Check the bottled water on the basement shelf and try to remember how old it is.
__ D. Drink and wash from a supply of bottled water that we replace every few months.

3. Our important papers and records are:
__ A. Misplaced; we have no idea where they are.
__ B. Scattered in various locations throughout the house.
__ C. Filed in the home office.
__ D. Secured in a water and fireproof box and there are copies kept in our emergency kits.

4. We’ve made the following arrangements for our pets:
__ A. We have no plans. Why do we need a plan for them? They go wherever we go.
__ B. We’d leave them at home with plenty of food and water.
__ C. We’d take them with us, hoping we could find a shelter or hotel that will accept pets.
__ D. We’ve made plans with family, friends and our vet to take them at a moment’s notice.

5. In case of emergency, our children know:
__ A. To trust us to take care of them. We don’t want them disturbed by thinking about the bad things that can happen.
__ B. How to call 911 and how to call us.
__ C. That a list of emergency contacts is posted on the refrigerator.
__ D. Our family disaster plan, which includes someone to call if we’re separated, meeting places and a home escape route.

6. During an emergency, I would depend on the following for information:
__ A. My neighbors.
__ B. The television.
__ C. The Internet.
__ D. A battery-powered radio, and I know which station emergencies are broadcast on.

7. If I suddenly had to evacuate my home for five days, I would:
__ A. Hang out at the mall and wait to hear how long before we could return.
__ B. Throw some clothes and necessities in a suitcase and take an impromptu vacation.
__ C. Leave; then coordinate with family members or friends about what to do.
__ D. Grab my emergency kit and follow the steps in our family preparedness plan.

8. My emergency kit is:
__ A. We don’t have one.
__ B. A drawer with flashlights and batteries, bottled water in the basement and a first-aid kit in the bathroom.
__ C. A bin with flashlights and batteries, bottled water, canned foods and a first-aid kit.
__ D. Water to last three days, a battery-powered radio and flashlights with extra batteries; canned foods; a first-aid kit; extra medications; all kept in a portable “go” kit in an easy to access location and/or kept in the car.

9. If local authorities told me to evacuate, I would:
__ A. Refuse to leave. Most “emergencies” don’t turn out to be a big deal.
__ B. Wait to see if the situation worsened, then decide.
__ C. Wait for word from the Governor; he’s the only one who can order an evacuation.
__ D. Follow the advice of local responders to ensure my safety and thiers.

10. I’ve made the following plans for my elderly parents:
__ A. Nothing specific. The authorities will take care of them.
__ B. I would call them and together we’d decide what to do as the situation unfolds.
__ C. We’ve agreed that they would call the nearest relative to come and get them.
__ D. I’ve helped them assemble their own emergency kit, and we have an extended family plan for relocating them if they need to leave.

(Quiz adapted from Baltimore, MD County website)

Okay! So how did you do?
In case you couldn’t tell, “D” is the best answer to all of  these questions. If you answered “D,” you are as prepared as you can reasonably be.
If you answered “C” to most questions, you’re on the right track, but still not prepared enough. If you answer “A” or “B” to most questions, you and your family could be in a world of hurt if an emergency occurs.

So what are the areas that could use a little work? Take the opportunity this month to get you and your family better prepared. Hey… everybody’s doin’ it! 🙂

Here are some other preparedness quizes you can take, just for the fun of it… and while you’re at it, have a safe and fun weekend! 😀