Food Storage Videos

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Since I mentioned Wendy Dewitt yesterday, I got to thinking, there may be some of you who do not know who she is. Wendy Dewitt is considered to be basically a food storage expert. She has such great knowledge and insight on the subject, and I received a lot of my motivation and inspiration for food storage from her. I’ve never met her or seen her in person, but I was introduced to her through a series of video lectures. I want to share those with you today in hopes they can help you as well.
This is a series of 9 videos (it’s all one lecture, broken down into shorter segments) and I hope you’ll take the time to watch them. Even better is if you can get your spouse to sit down and watch them with you. As I said before, it is very insightful and inspiring. I differ with Wendy in styles somewhat, but that is neither here nor there. The information she shares is wonderful and extremely helpful. I hope you will enjoy it!

{Oh, and on a side note, when you get to Part 7 talking about Solar Cooking, if you’re interested in purchasing a Sun Oven (which is the kind she is displaying in the video), I can get you one at a GREAT discounted price. Just check under my ‘Shop’ button above.}

Video Lecture:

Her Blog: Everything Under The Sun