Important Papers Project: Grand Finale!

There’s nothing like starting the New Year off with a Grand Finale, eh? 😀 Begin with the end! (I’ve always been a little backwards in my life.) 🙂

Well, this project has definitely been a BIG one. I still have a long way to go in getting my folder all put together and completed, but maybe that will be another pseudo goal of mine for this year (there are so many!). It really would be nice to be able to just have all this information in one place, organized, and right at my fingertips.

{For those who are unaware as to what the Important Papers Folder is, click HERE for all previous posts, downloads, and information. There’s about seven other posts that take you through this process. :)}

So anyway, {drumroll} here are the FINAL FOUR sections of the Important Papers Folder (just click on each image to view/download/print it)…

    • Section 11: Individual Family Member Information (have info for each member of your family)

    • Section 12: Household Information

    • Section 13: Home Property

    • Section 14: Miscellaneous

And that’s it!! That’s all the sections! {Deep breaths. In. Out.} Now just remember… this book is (or will be) 🙂 full of all your most important information for your family and home. That being said, you will want to keep it in a safe place where it could not be easily stolen or destroyed, but you also still want to be able to easily access it for the information you need. So choose it’s dwelling place wisely. 🙂  Good luck with your project, everyone! And HAPPY FRIDAY!! 😀


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