Feature Guest Post: Helping Hands Milk Bank

Happy Friday y’all! Today we’re veering a bit off topic from our usual food storage/preparedness themes to bring you a guest post from Bethany at Helping Hands Milk Bank. This is a wonderful program that works to help premature infants that are struggling to survive by nourishing them with nutritious breast milk (as opposed to having to use formula or cow’s milk). I’ve opted to share this information because 1) I just have a soft spot in my heart for newborn babies… especially those struggling for their lives, and 2) this website reaches just the sort of people who may be able to help: healthy moms with good hearts. So please forgive me for the divergence and we will return to our regular food storage topics next week :), but for now please give a listening ear to Bethany and the work of Helping Hands. {Enjoy your weekend!}

If you are a nursing mom or know a nursing mother, you can help!

Helping Hands Milk Bank is stepping-up its efforts to find mothers who have excess breast milk they can donate to help critically ill premature infants. Breast-feeding mother or not, you can also help by spreading the word to find those mothers who can donate.

Baby Teag: One of the premature babies helped by the milk fortifier

Because of the extreme vulnerability of preemies, they need the help of nursing mothers who live a relatively-healthy lifestyle.

Helping Hands collects mothers’ excess breast milk and sends it to its parent company, Prolacta Bioscience, where it is processed to create the first and only breast milk fortifier made from human milk (not cows) for premature babies in intensive care units. The fortifier is added back to natural human milk to provide added protein and other vital nutrients for the babies.

{Prolacta Bioscience is a for-profit company dedicated to cutting edge research and products to save the lives of preemies. A recent study in the Journal of Pediatrics showed that Prolacta’s fortifier (Prolact+ H2MF) clinically reduced the odds of developing NEC (a major threat preemies) by 77% in premature infants weighing 500g – 1250g (<2.76lb) at birth. You can learn more about their work at Prolacta.com.}

The entire donation process can be done in the privacy and comfort of home. Helping Hands allows busy mothers to apply online in about 15 minutes. All necessary materials and cost of shipping are covered. The application process (about 2 weeks) requires no donor travel and ensures that mother and infant health come first.

Why else should you donate, besides the opportunity to help save infants lives? Helping Hands makes your donation work twice as hard. In collaboration with Prolacta, for every ounce of qualified breast milk collected through HHBM, $1 is contributed to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, in support of breast cancer research.

To learn more and apply, visit HelpingHandsBank.com. Follow Helping Hands Milk Bank on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/hhmilkbank and Twitter @hhmilkbank.

Thank you for your time!


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