Water Storage To The Rescue!

So, the last two months have been a fun challenge in our home. It seemed to me like the planets must have aligned themselves and targeted their craziness directly at our home. We have had a series of circumstances occur over the period of a few weeks that would generally spread themselves out over a few years (or months at least!). From a leaking pipe in our ceiling, to the A/C needing repairs (not once, not twice, but three times), car issues (with both of our cars), to a leak in one of our water pipes in the yard… add to that some personal/family health situations and this crazy drought threatening the foundation of our home, and you’re looking at a perfect storm for insanity. Talk about a strain on already tight finances and a test on the strength of a family bond.

I’m happy to say we were able to come through it all with only minor aches and pains and we still have a smile on our faces. 😀 BUT I wanted to share with y’all some of the reasons we were able to get through this Bermuda Triangle with our sanity intact.

Two of the key components to our sanity survival were our food storage supply and our financial savings supply. Without boring you with a lot details, I’ll just say that Hubby and I were fortunate enough to both come into our marriage with a strong belief of living within our means and preparing for a rainy day. And from that, a strong food supply was built up in times of surplus and a healthy savings has always been maintained. So despite the fact that in a regular month without catastrophes our income is just enough to meet our needs, and now in the face of some crazy circumstances to come our way (each of which required a fair amount of money to repair) we were able to use the majority of our grocery money to pay for some of these expenses and still eat really well from just our food supply (supplemented to a small degree with some fresh items from the store), and what our income couldn’t cover, we were at peace knowing there was money set aside for circumstances just such as this. So there’s my plug for getting your food storage and savings!

But the other component that saved my sanity was something really minor, but that I found myself truly grateful for. It was our water supply. After all the events that had happened, the leaking water pipe out in our front yard was the last to occur, and I had about had it with all the ‘things that could go wrong’. We found ourselves without water for a period of 24 hours. No big deal, right? I can go without a shower for 24 hours, and we also have some amazing neighbors who opened their home to us for anything we needed during that time (we love our neighbors!), but it’s always easier to manage a hard time in the comfort of your own home. That being said, no water in the home definitely takes out a bit of the ‘comfort’ factor. 🙂 Enter our water supply.

You may remember back when we talked about storing water and I mentioned a storage container I had come across and purchased called the Aquatainer. It’s a 7-gallon container that has a water spigot stored on the inside of the cap, so when you need your water, you simply take the spigot out and turn it around and then you’ve got your own little water dispenser. Well, we’ve got about 6 or 7 of these containers and when our water was turned off, we finally had a perfect excuse to put them to use. We placed one at our kitchen sink and one at each bathroom sink as well. This way, whenever we needed to wash hands, or rinse off a dish, water was still right where we expected it to be… with the convenience of turning it off and on like a regular faucet and everything. Like I said, it’s a small thing, but the small amount of ‘normalcy’ it brought to our minorly uncomfortable situation reminded me that in a major crisis, normalcy plays a HUGE factor in how well we manage that crisis. Just the fact of being able to turn water on and off at a sink, helped me to feel like the situation was not bad at all. Yes, we still had to lug pitchers of water into the house (again, thanks to our wonderful neighbors letting us use their water hoses) any time we needed to flush a toilet, and yes, life was still a little inconvenienced. But really, I was grateful for the small things that helped to keep us sane and see us through. {Other small tips: We also kept hand sanitizer and baby wipes by each water dispenser to help conserve the water. And we could have set up a portable potty, but knowing this was only a short term problem, I definitely preferred NOT to do that. :)}

I won’t lie and say the past two months haven’t been stressful, because let’s face it… when it feels like the forces of evil have combined against you, it can be a little stressful. 🙂 But because we had taken the time and made the effort to prepare in advance, it has definitely been manageable. And we probably came out of it all a little stronger as well. 🙂

SO! Who wants to get prepared?!?! (I do. I do!) 🙂 Well get to it!
{Oh, and on a side note about those water containers… when I bought them, I got them at Walmart for around $7, but later when I looked online they were like $18 or something (?!?!?!). (Same story at other places that carried them online. ) Well anyway, I was at Walmart again just the other day and happened to be in the camping section and saw the containers there again, and they were at the $7 price again. I don’t know if that price is only in the stores or maybe an off-season price or something (??) but may I suggest that you check into those containers. They really are super handy, so if you can find them at a good price I highly recommend them. Like I said, we had one at each sink, which was really nice, so I’d recommend getting at least enough to cover those bases. Hubby also likes to take them on scouting campouts because, again, they’re very convenient.}

Anyway, good luck in all your preparedness efforts!! Loves!


2 thoughts on “Water Storage To The Rescue!

  1. AJ says:

    We have one of those containers that we have mostly used only for camping (until a recent day with water off for a water heater replacement. ) But now I am thinking I want to get a few more and keep them filled all the time. I love this site Debbie. You keep me motivated and give such good tips and ideas!


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