General Conference Activities and Packets

{Update: Click HERE to view/download the newest, latest and greatest Conference Packet. Enjoy!}

Is it really already that time again? General Conference is upon us (October 1-2)! If you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this may not mean much to you. But for members of the LDS church, this is a wonderful time of the year when we get to be renewed, uplifted, and reminded of the things our Heavenly Father wants His children to hear and know as we listen to His prophets and apostles. This is not just for members of the LDS faith, but for everyone! So if you have a desire to listen and learn more about our faith, you can click HERE, or better yet, ask one of your Mormon friends if you can watch it with them!

Well, as always, my brain gets turning around Conference time to try and figure out ways I can enjoy the Conference sessions with my two little tots around. They’re getting a little bigger now (4 and 2 years old), but are still a far cry from being able to sit quietly through General Conference without some major advance planning on my part… and even then, I’m still crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to catch at least half of what is being said. 🙂
This year, a few months back, I was laying in bed early one morning, and my brain literally took over my thinking and just started spilling this idea out for a Conference activity (which I can only attribute it as being a gift given directly to me because there is no way my mind just came up with it on its own). I quickly ran to the computer to write it all down, and have since worked out the details and added all the creative fun flairs to it that I like so much to do. 😀
So for this conference, I have not come up with a new packet (although I will give links to my past ones and other sites as well that can easily be used for this Conference as well), but instead have come up with a fun Conference Family Activity. I call it The Happy Fall Tree.

The detailed instructions are included in the download (see below), but the basic idea of The Happy Fall Tree is this: You create a tree trunk on one of your walls or a door in your home and you print out a set of Conference Talk leaves (in the download) for each participant. You listen to Conference and fill in the leaves regarding what each talk was about. Color, cut, and then as you discuss the Conference talks as a family, you tape the leaves to your tree trunk to create your Happy Fall Tree. Then, over the next weeks/months, you apply the topics of the talks in your home/family and as you do, you get to take the leaves down… just like it’s Fall and the leaves are falling. 🙂 You can limit family members to only being able to take down their own leaves, or make it a free for all… however you think would work better for your family. Little children will obviously need a lot more help than older children, but the hope is that, regardless of age, as your family works through the leaves, each family member will be able to gain a greater appreciation for the words of the prophets and a stronger testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Not to mention a greater feeling of peace in the home. 🙂 {Update: To sneak a peek at my family’s version of the Happy Fall Tree, you can click HERE}
I hope you enjoy the activity, and more importantly that you enjoy Conference as well! 🙂

Download The Happy Fall Tree:


And here are some links to some other fun General Conference Packets and Activities:

My {Previous} General Conference Packets:


{The above packets are from April 2011. The only things that would be out of date for this conference would be the packet cover, and then the crossword puzzles are for ‘Easter’. To update, just print out a new packet cover below (click on the picture and then print), and you can also substitute the new crossword puzzles below for the old ones.}

Conference Word Search-Senior Primary
Conference Word Search- Junior Primary

{One late update:} I came across THIS idea for a General Conference Journal page for adults to take notes (hey… adults like things to be fun too!) 🙂 and just LOVED it. The only thing was, I definitely do not take a whole page of notes for each speaker, and I didn’t want to be wasting a bunch of paper by printing out tons and tons of pages. So, of course, I made my own. 🙂 I loved the style of the original one, so I did my best to imitate it, but I just scaled it down a bit. Enjoy!

Download General Conference Journal Page (for Young Adults/Adults)

Stuff From Other Sites…

  • New Conference Packets from Sugardoodle: Click HERE
  • All General Conference Helps from Sugardoodle: Click HERE
  • Primary Age Conference Packet from JennyPhillips: Click HERE
  • Conference Packet from Deseret Book: Click HERE
  • A Collection of Conference Activities and Game Ideas: Click HERE
  • Conference Hints and Helps from Prepared Not Scared: Click HERE
  • Or for a full list of links to Conference activities, packets, and games I’ve previously found, click HERE

I hope your Conference experience is an enjoyable and memorable one! {And ladies, don’t forget that THIS Saturday (Sept. 24th) is the General Relief Society Broadcast as well!}


7 thoughts on “General Conference Activities and Packets

  1. Erin Black says:

    I love this idea! I have a two year old and and 5 month old. I am going solo on General Conference because the DH will be gone so I was feeling desperate for a way to enjoy it. Thanks for coming up with this and doing so much work! I found you through Pinterest!


    • Debbie says:

      Haha! Seriously! So far my girls have been very good about not ripping, tearing, or coloring our tree trunk. Will it last to the weekend? Who knows. But now that they know what it’s for, I’m hoping they’ll be good. 🙂 Good luck with yours!


  2. Angela Groke says:

    Awesome idea Debs!! We’re actually taking Lexi to Salt Lake for Conference, so I think we’ll bring the leaves with us and set up the tree when we get back :D. Sounds fun!


  3. Kacie Hanna says:

    Thank you so much! We just printed this out for October Conference and am excited to have my kids actually learn something:0)



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