Cookin’ In The Sun: Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Well, the temperatures have been beyond pathetic here in southeast Texas. We are just melting! And with all this heat, I have not been feeling very inclined to cook/bake anything that would require me to turn on the oven. And then… I got my SUN OVEN! I have been so excited to start using this baby! The first thing I decided to make in my SUN OVEN was some delicious cinnamon swirl bread. Don’t ask me why… I’m not sure I’ve ever even made cinnamon swirl bread before. But that was what I wanted to make. I didn’t even have a recipe for it, so I just kinda made one up. Well, actually I converted my easy dinner roll recipe (which can be used for cinnamon rolls) into the bread for my cinnamon bread. After making the dough and letting it rise, I rolled it out, spread on some melted butter, sprinkled on some brown sugar and cinnamon, rolled it into a loaf shape, and into the pans they went. {Side note: I used the loaf pans that I had ordered with my oven, and they’re a little larger than the pyrex ones I’m used to, so I probably should have doubled, or at least one and a halved the recipe. But that’s just hindsight talkin’.} I let the bread rise a second time while in the pans, and while that was going on, I stuck the SUN OVEN out in the sun to ‘preheat’.

If memory serves correctly, the oven only got up to about 300º F that day, but I stuck the bread in and let it bake for probably close to 1 hour. Bread doesn’t really “brown” in a solar oven, but it did actually turn slightly golden, so I went ahead and pulled it out.

It’s a little tricky (at least for me- since I’m a beginner) to tell when the bread is really done or not, but they looked good, so I let them cool a bit and then turned them out onto a wire cooling rack. And let me tell you… they smelled heavenly!

We went ahead and sliced a loaf up, slathered on a little butter, and oh. my. goodness. It was delicious. Hubby came home from work and had a slice and couldn’t believe that I had made that in the SUN OVEN. He was beyond impressed. (We’re feeling quite a bit more confident about how well we’d fare in an emergency without electricity!) 😀 I’d have to say that for my first experience using a solar oven, this was a definite win!! 🙂 And I’m already thinking of what else I can cook up- without having to heat up my kitchen! 😉
Hope you’re all stayin’ cool!


One thought on “Cookin’ In The Sun: Cinnamon Swirl Bread

  1. kdonat says:

    I love using my Sun Oven for baking. My last loaf was from a Cinnabon mix from Sams. I forgot to set my timer and it baked for over 2 1/2 hours but it didn’t “burn” or dry out. Some of the sugar near the edges was a little darker than normal but the flavor was perfect. In a regular oven for that length of time it would have been a cinnamon brick!


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