Garden Inspiration

Just wanted to pop in real fast to say “hi!” and give y’all a little gardening inspiration. We are starting to enjoy the fruits of our labor here at our home, and I gotta say… it is SO satisfying! I know some parts of the country are just now finally ready to start planting, so if it’s been on your mind… DO IT! I ordered my seeds online this year (well, most of them anyway) because I wanted to be sure of the quality I was getting. And the seeds I got were/are heirloom seeds– which means, 1) they haven’t been scientifically modified (non-GMO), and 2) I can save the seeds at the end of the season and plant them next year… assuming I can learn how to save seeds between now and the end of the season… which I doubt I will, but at least the option is there, right? 🙂
Anyway, here’s some fun pics of the family garden and the produce we’re beginning to see…

{Above: Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, and Banana Peppers. See all the banana peppers on the plants at the left? They’re so good on pizza!}
{Above are two raised beds of watermelon (on the ends) and one snow peas (in the middle).}
{Above: This is what happens when you plant watermelon and cucumbers in the same bed. Holy Take Over! They have completely filled their box, spilled over into the yard, and have even started to encroach into the beans box next to them (at the bottom left). We can no longer mow in this area because we don’t want to damage any of the plants. Next year we will definitely have to plan this better!}
{Above: These are some of the purple beans we grew this year. They are SO COOL! They’re purple on the outside, green on the inside, and if you cook them, the whole thing turns green. Magic Beans! 😀 And they taste exactly the same as regular ol’ green beans… just with a fun color for the garden.}
{Above: Some of our tomatoes growing. Our tomato plants have gone crazy and are chest high on my 6’5″ hubby! Thank you Miracle Grow! :)}
{Above: Here’s a close up of one of our smaller watermelon boxes. Can you see the four little watermelons growing??}
{Above: And here’s our biggest watermelon so far. It’s hard to tell from the picture (because the leaves are so dang HUGE), but this watermelon is actually about 12 inches long. We are SO EXCITED to have watermelon growing!!!}
{And here’s some of the produce we’ve gotten. This is by far the best year for our garden! We are having a blast! Stay tuned for a great recipe for refrigerator pickles to use up all those cucumbers!}



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