Cookbook Sale!

Happy Monday everyone!! I know this is more of a Frugal Friday post, but I just wanted to pass on the awesome sale I just came across. Shop Taste of Home has $5 Cookbooks (!!!) on sale starting yesterday and going until one week from today (Monday, May 2nd). We’re talking big, hundreds of pages, hard cover cookbooks for only $5!!

Shop Taste of Home

{If you’ve seen the ad on my sidebar before and clicked over to it, I apologize that there probably wasn’t a $5 sale going on at the time. I just realized the error and contacted the company about it. And now they’re doing a new sale! Woohoo!!!!! That is SOOO AWESOME!!}

So anyway… check out all the amazing cookbooks. Many of them usually retail for around $25 and you can get them for JUST $5! Did I mention they’re only $5?? (Can you tell I’m a little excited?!) I have a thing for cookbooks. I just love to collect them. Especially good ones! I love finding new inspiration for food storage meals, I love to give them away as gifts, and I just love what they represent– time in the kitchen with family, friends, and delicious food! 🙂

Anyway, go and browse. Hopefully you’ll find something that pleases your palate. 🙂 And enjoy your week!! (I won’t be posting again this week, but continue to browse and enjoy all the various topics and good luck in your preparedness efforts!)


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