Feature Friday: A “Safer” Garden

Happy Friday everyone! Weekend here we come! Woohoo!

Shop Now! Safer®Brand Organic GardeningBut first, I want to give a quick shout out to a new sponsor: Safer! This company has some awesome products for the garden (and lawn, and houseplants,etc)… and just like you would guess from the name, they’re all organic and natural! I don’t know about you, but I always figure that if I’m going to be putting this much time, money, and effort into my garden, I really want to make every effort to make sure I’m using products that are going to be good and healthy for me and my family. I desperately try to avoid putting any chemicals on my crops. I fight pesky bugs with Diatomaceous Earth (which they sell, although not food grade… just for plants and animals); I use crushed eggshells to keep the little caterpillars off my lettuce (but they’ve got a great caterpillar killer); and I always try now to make sure I’m using quality soils and fertilizers (which obviously they have as well) that are going to help my garden blossom and bloom so we are left with only delicious and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Shop Now! Safer®Brand Organic Gardening

So if you are concerned at all with the quality and care of your garden, you have GOT to check these guys out. And not only will you get 10% off your online order(!!), but you can also get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $45! Sweet! I LOVE free shipping because then I’m better off than if I had driven to a local store! I didn’t have to drive anywhere! 😀

You can find them by clicking on the ad above, or there is a permanent ad in the sidebar to the right. So go check them out for all your garden, lawn, houseplant, and even pesky bug problem needs and enjoy your Safer garden!


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