A To-Do List For The Week

General Conference week is a busy time for me because I coordinate my semi-annual ‘to do’ lists with these times. It’s easy for me to remember them that way. For instance, I update my 72-hour kits at conference time, try to inventory my food storage, as well as prepare for conference, and run a regular household. 🙂
So this week, instead of posting something each day I’m going to share a breakdown of my ‘To Do’ List in case any of you are running on the same schedule as me and would like a little motivation to get going! 😀 So here ya go.

This Week’s ‘To Do’ List


  • Inventory the long-term food storage. Record how much I have of each item and where they are located
  • Create a list of anything that is missing and/or needs to be added to my long-term food storage
  • Listen to uplifting music


  • Print out General Conference Packets and activities for the kiddos
  • Plan menus for the Conference weekend
  • Create a shopping list of things I need for activities and food preparations


  • Print out a new checklist for 72-Hour Kits
  • Add to Tuesday’s shopping list the new food items needed for updating the kits
  • Read a talk from a previous General Conference
  • Talk with my girls about what General Conference is and what we will be doing that weekend to help us listen to the prophet


  • GO SHOPPING! Go shopping for the items needed for General Conference (meals, snacks, activities, etc) as well as the needed 72-hour kit restocking items
  • Clean the office (the room we will be watching Conference in) and the home to prepare for an uplifting Conference.
  • Listen to uplifting music to invite the Spirit into my home



Well, there’s a lot to do and not much time to do it in… So off I go! Good luck in your preparations too!!
Happy Conference to you!


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