Food For Thought: The Greater Good of Gardening

“I hope that we understand that, while having a garden, for instance, is often useful in reducing food costs and making available delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, it does much more than this. Who can gauge the value of that special chat between daughter and Dad as they weed or water the garden? How do we evaluate the good that comes from the obvious lessons of planting, cultivating, and the eternal law of the harvest? And how do we measure the family togetherness and cooperating that must accompany successful canning? Yes, we are laying up resources in store, but perhaps the greater good is contained in the lessons of life we learn as we live providently and extend to our children their pioneer heritage.”
Spencer W. Kimball, ‘Welfare Services: The Gospel in Action,’ Ensign, Nov 1977, 78

This is something I have loved to see in my own family. I love listening to my girls chattering away with their daddy as they look at the little baby lemons on our tree, or showing him how the lettuce is growing when he gets home from work, or as he instructs them in where to put their little spade of dirt, or the giggles of delight as they just enjoy time working together in the yard, side by side. This truly is the greater good of gardening.


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