Food For Thought: Gotta Tax Return?

I have been so excited this past week or so to be making some major leaps and bounds in working towards my preparedness goals. We just got our tax return and have found a perfect place to spend it… on preparedness purchases! 😀

Remember that powdered milk I wanted more of? I’ve got that ordered and on the way. I’m picking up extra wheat, rice, and oats along with some other fun things to try at Emergency Essentials®. I’m getting me a bike to ride around town on when gas prices skyrocket (plus a trailer that hitches to the back for my little kidlettes to ride along in… or I can take it to the grocery store and fill the trailer with my groceries!). We’re also spending some of it on getting our garden upgraded to make gardening a little easier and more productive (better equipment, new systems, etc.). I just LOVE the feeling of getting prepared!

So anyway, if you are getting some money back from Uncle Sam, consider spending it on a little more peace of mind for you and your family! You will not regret it and your sanity will thank you. 🙂


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