Food For Thought: The Perfect Storm?

Hold on to your hats and trousers everyone, cuz we are in for a bumpy ride!! Yeehaw!
Okay, but seriously… all joking aside, I want to say something to you very clearly today: Get your homes in order. Without panic, without fear, get your home and your family prepared. Immediately.

As you likely already know if you read here often, I’m a big fan of the Preparedness Pro and her knowledge and insights. Well this past week she started sharing some information that will knock your socks off. There is a perfect storm brewing in which our financial troubles, world food shortage troubles, economic troubles and more are all coming to a head at the same time and we are going to start seeing and feeling the effects of it NOW. I don’t think it matters how much money you make (unless you’re Donald Trump or that Facebook gazillionaire), you’re going to feel the effects of what is coming.

Food is going to start getting really expensive really fast. Kellene (Preparedness Pro) has started writing a series of articles (read them here:Ā Part 1 and Part 2) (and she is also going to be doing a tv show on TLC) on this subject, in which she notes that many stores have already reported 50-300% price increases for certain products, with some stores reporting price increases by the HOUR. This is not said to scare you, but hopefully to motivate you to do something NOW. If you have not yet begun to set aside for a rainy day (hint: it has already started raining!), start with the staples: wheat, rice, oats, beans, and dairy. Just get as much as you can afford! Then work on getting a 1-month supply of your everyday foods (then 2-month and 3-month supplies, etc.).

This is not the time to be out spending money on things of lesser importance. Don’t think about the latest movie that’s coming out on DVD that you simply have to have, don’t think about that fancy watch you want, don’t think about Hubby taking you out for an expensive night out. Put your money towards the things that will help you to get through these next few months and years: food, clothing, household supplies… all the things we’ve been talking about. Just do it. And when you’re done, then go enjoy your night out. šŸ˜‰

Remember, don’t panic. Simply be wise, be prudent, be prepared, be at peace.

2 thoughts on “Food For Thought: The Perfect Storm?

  1. Andra says:

    I couldn’t help but think of Glenn beck!! I’m a huge fan and watch him daily! It’s very scary and very real what is happening and what is going to happen. I’m a young mom of 2 and it’s hard to be strong for my little ones when I feel like crying for my own mommy sometimes. Thank you for your wonderful blog and all the helpful tools.


  2. Debbie says:

    Thanks for your comment Andra. Hubby and I thoroughly enjoy Beck too. šŸ™‚ But I want to tell you something that I will probably be writing about soon, and that is to not be scared, but work towards faith instead.
    I’m also a young mom of 2 and understand the panic that can creep up as we worry what the future will hold for us and our little ones… whether we can keep them safe, protect them, etc. But I’ve started realizing that as I remember that God is in charge, and as I remember that the world is just made up of other people like you and me (granted some may be a little more scary… but they’re still just people!), and as I remember that dying is not the worst thing that could happen (there’s a greater plan in place!), I feel a little more confident in my ability to take whatever is thrown at me. Not to mention it really helps to know that the home-front is getting more and more prepared all the time. šŸ™‚ May the Lord bless you in all your efforts! Keep the faith.


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