Important Papers Project: Medical Records

(Click on the image to enlarge it, then right-click and save it to your computer. Print it out for use in your Important Papers Folder.)

It’s time to add another section to our Important Papers Folder! (Yea! Cheer! You’re so excited, right?!) 🙂 This is our fourth section and it is dedicated to our medical/health/dental records. (See other sections here: Section 1; Section 2; Section 3.) And thankfully enough, this should be a rather easy section (unless you have a large medical history that needs to be recorded).

This may require contacting your doctors and/or dentists to get the needed information, but that is just a phone call away and they can likely mail you any information or copies you need so you won’t even have to make a trip anywhere.

And also, for your convenience, I went ahead and searched all different kinds of medical history forms and then created my own that had the most important information from the different forms. You can get it here:

Personal Medical History Form

Remember to complete one for each member of your family (or you can create your own form to better suit your needs if this one is missing something you want).

Anyway… fairly quick and painless, but important nonetheless. You’ll want this information on hand to take with you to doctor appointments and particularly to emergency situations because inevitably, as soon as you’re sitting in the doctor’s office, your memory goes blank and you can’t remember any of your history and are left guessing at important information. (Been there.) 🙂

So anyway, that’ll do us for this month on our Important Papers Project. Good Luck and have a Happy Weekend!


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