Food For Thought: Be At The Forefront

“The moral foundation of our [LDS] doctrine can be a beacon light to the world and can be a unifying force for both morality and faith in Jesus Christ. We need to protect our families and be at the forefront together with all people of goodwill in doing everything we can to preserve light, hope, and morality in our communities.”
–Quentin L. Cook, “Let There Be Light”, Ensign, Nov. 2010, 27–30

I firmly believe that NOW is the time for the good people in our country to stand up and lead the way. Do NOT let a corrupt government and society walk all over you and your rights. Be aware of what is going on in your city, state, and nation, and then be a beacon for good. Be a person that others know they can always turn to for help and direction. Do not simply hide your head away and hope that life’s trials will pass you by. Be strong. Be true. Be at the forefront.


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