Frugal Friday: Clearance Shopping Time!

Happy Friday everyone! Let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects: Shopping! 🙂 Don’t forget that part of having a year supply of preparedness items is having at least a year supply of  CLOTHING. This is especially important if you’ve got little ones that are still growing. I can get by just fine for a year with no new clothes, but my little tots will be inches beyond their current clothes in no time at all. So what I like to do (since I don’t feel my sewing skills are up to par to make their clothes for a year) is to shop the online clearance items at the end of each season to snag up some great deals for the next year. And NOW is a great time to be looking for next winter’s clothes. Sure, it means you won’t have the latest and greatest and heaven forbid we’re wearing “last years style”, but it saves me a lot of money on some good quality clothes. One other thing I love about shopping online, I usually check for some Coupon Codes to use in conjunction with the sales.

So, for example, last weekend I shopped online for my kids at The Children’s Place (they usually have good clearance sales at season’s end) and was happy with the great sales I was getting (most of them lower than Walmart prices), but then to boot, I did a Google search for The Children’s Place Coupon Codes and found one that offered 15% off every item (including clearance prices)! So I was getting sweaters for three and a half bucks and long sleeve shirts for just over three bucks. I even got some yoga type pants for under four bucks. The most I spent on an item was just over four bucks for a thermal top. I couldn’t find a free shipping coupon to add on top of that (drat), but shipping there is minimal anyway. So I made out like a bandit! My oldest is almost 4 right now, but I got her some clothes that she can wear in 4-5 years from now! (Some deals I just can’t pass up. :))

I just love knowing that even though I spent a little chunk of change, it is going to save me BIG time down the road when I’m not having to pay full price to make sure my little ones are staying warm. Happy Shopping!


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