Feature Friday: Solar Flashlights

Happy Friday all! Today I’m sharing a super cool idea I ran across HERE. It’s solar-powered “flashlights”! Okay, they’re not really flashlights, they’re the solar powered lawn and garden lights that you can find at your local stores for a fairly inexpensive price tag. But the idea is this: You get a bunch of these lights, and then when you’ve got a power outage, you stake these bad boys outside in the sun to get fully charged, and then at night you bring them in the house and place them around your different rooms to light them (or carry them around like a flashlight). No storing batteries, no candles to knock over and burn down your house, just light generated from a free power source… the sun! Cool, huh?! You can also leave some of them on outside at night for a little home security.

Some tips for using them to light your home:

  • Purchase a kind of light that has a switch between manually turning it on/off versus being light sensitive so that you can turn the lights off when you go to bed 🙂
  • When you first buy them, replace the rechargeable battery that comes with the lantern with a higher powered one in order to get a stronger, longer-lasting light (unless you bought a really good one to start with)
  • Set them out where they will get maximum sun exposure during the day (be sure the solar panel faces the sun)
  • When you bring them in your home, set them in something (like a vase… or create your own stand) that will allow them to stand up, instead of laying them down (you can get more light that way)- or buy the kind that can stand up on their own! Even better. 🙂

I just LOVE this idea. It would have been so awesome to have after Hurricane Ike and our 6 days of no electricity! These are definitely going on my “to buy” list!
Happy Weekend Y’all!


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