Emergency Preparedness: Working On My Car Kits

Hey all. Today I’ve been working on finishing up my First Aid Car Kits. The kit containers have been just sitting in my room since… well, the last time I posted on first aid kits, and they’ve just been taunting me. ‘Finish me. I DARE you. You’re too chicken. You don’t have what it takes. You’ll never be on top of all of this preparedness stuff.’ It was time to shut them up. 😀

So I pulled out all the first aid stuff I’d purchased a while back (note: my Master Kit was already done- or at least as “done” as it’s going to be for a while- but I pulled it out just for referencing… hence it is in the pictures as well) and just started filling up the car kits.

I divided the supplies pretty equally between Hubby’s kit and mine, but certain things were more applicable to certain kits. For example, I put children’s medicines in my kit but not in Hubby’s because the kids are almost always in my car, but I put Tums in Hubby’s kit and not mine because he’s more likely to need that while out and about versus me who is usually at home. So I did a little customization of the car kits based on the needs of who is usually in each vehicle.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with them at this point. Eventually I would like to add additional items (like instant ice packs, more medicines, etc) to bring them up to a more complete intermediate level, but they will do for now. It’s a good starting point.
So anyway, I hope your kits haven’t gotten the better of you yet. My kits have officially had their mouths shut and the taunting has ceased. I think I’ll go treat myself to a cookie. 😀


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