Food Storage: A Spiritual Commandment, Part 2

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When I first started this website, I mentioned that I’ve had two “Ah Ha!” moments in my life in terms of the spiritual nature of storing food. I’ve shared one of them with you. Well, let me share the other with you now.

I was listening to a food storage lecture by Wendy Dewitt and she was discussing reasons why we should have our food storage in order. Some were funny reasons, all were pretty logical, and then she got to one that just made me stop. And think, “Wow. She’s right.”
She mentioned how some people argue they don’t want to bother getting food storage because they figure when times get bad, some guy with a gun is just going to come steal it all from them. Then she made this comment: “Are you afraid of the guy with the gun? Or are you MORE afraid of becoming the guy with the gun?” Wow. Hm. Then she continues, “Brothers and sisters, what would you do if you were watching your children starve to death? You would lie, you would cheat, you would steal, and I promise you, you would become the guy with the gun. …There is nothing you wouldn’t do to save your child’s life.”

Did you feel it? Did you feel the ‘Wow, she’s right’ moment? She is right! If it came down to it, our spiritual salvation very well may be dependent upon whether or not we’ve followed the prophet in getting our year supply of food. This commandment is not just about having food in our belly. There is something much larger at stake. There are worse things in life than dying… and that is dying spiritually. Don’t wait to see how low you would sink! Do not become ‘the guy with the gun’. There is no excuse for it! We’ve been warned. So get to it.  Be prepared!


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