Important Papers Project: Addresses & Contacts

Happy Friday all! Well with the holidays fast approaching, it seems like the perfect time to jump into Section 2 of our Important Papers Project… Addresses & Contact Lists.

This section is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just a bunch of contact lists for family, friends, associates, neighbors, etc that are all kept in one place. In addition, I’m including mailing lists in this section. So for Christmas, you can just pull out your Christmas Card mailing list and check off each person as you send them your card to make sure you don’t forget anyone.
If you are not LDS, then you won’t want to worry about the Relief Society List, but whatever church you belong to, make sure you get important numbers for there as well.

Here are some template forms I made that you can use for making your lists (print as many as you need for each list), along with the section header. Have Fun! šŸ˜€

Family Contact List
Friends & Associates Contact List
Christmas Card Mailing List
Generic Mailing List
Neighborhood/HOA Contact List


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