Long-Term Food Storage: Powdered Milk

Hey y’all! Today I want to talk a little more about our Long Term Food Storage (i.e. food that has a long shelf life and can be stored away for a long time). We’ve talked about several grains so far (wheat, oats, and rice), and today I want to add Powdered Milk to our long term list.

Okay, so powdered milk!

Powdered milk is a very important product to have in your food storage because it has wonderful nutritional value. Did you know that even if you did not have food, you could survive for a long time (even years!) on just milk?! Of course, your body would not be very healthy before too long (as you would be lacking some other important vitamins and minerals that milk does not contain), but powdered milk contains all twenty-one standard amino acids and is high in soluble vitamins and minerals and therefore would allow you to survive. Cool, huh? Now, in no way, shape or form do I recommend storing just powdered milk in your food storage, but I wanted to give you an idea of just how beneficial this product is.

Another great benefit of powdered milk is that is has a rather long shelf-life (if stored in proper conditions). Depending on brand and how it is stored, powdered milk can have a shelf-life of up to 20 or 25 years (always check the manufacturers recommendations). Now, something to keep in mind is that it will start to lose some of it’s nutritional value the longer it sits, so it is still recommended to rotate through your powdered milk, but it’s not something you have to keep track of on a daily basis or anything.
Here’s a trick I’ve learned… I have a pitcher I use just for powdered milk, and on a regular basis I mix up a batch of milk and then use it in my baking for things like waffles, pancakes, cookies, etc. That way I’m slowly rotating through my supply.

As far as drinking powdered milk goes, I’m not sure you could get me to do that… even in an emergency. I’m not a big milk drinker to start, and throw on top of that the ‘not-so-pleasant’ taste of powdered milk and it’s a no-go for me. I would be happy with water, thank you very much. However, Hubby is a BIG milk drinker and would definitely miss his milk in an emergency or food shortage. So I have learned about a powdered milk substitute called ‘Morning Moo’ that is supposed to be quite tasty. It is said to be a little on the sweet side. But I have also heard that since it is a substitute, it doesn’t work quite as well in baking and what not. (Disclaimer: I have not actually tasted ours yet, so I cannot personally vouch for it, but I do personally know many people who have and swear by it.) {UPDATE: I have indeed tasted the Morning Moos milk and it truly is great! Again, I’m no huge milk drinker, but this is quite tasty. Hubby (remember… he’s the milk aficionado) even thinks it’s great. That is totally saying something! And it DOES work well in baking… just not for a few things like pudding. We now often keep a pitcher of it in the fridge and will use it in baking in order to make our fresh milk stretch further.}

So here is what I’ve done: I’ve purchased several cans of regular powdered milk to be used in baking and cooking. Then, in addition, I’ve purchased several more cans of the Morning Moo to be used for drinking. That way we can have our milk and drink it too. 🙂

(Helpful Hint: If you don’t plan on using your powdered milk now, only buy milk in the #10 cans and not the large bucket size. This is because the shelf life is significantly shorter on the buckets. However, if you plan to use your powdered milk regularly, the buckets allow for a discounted bulk price.)

Numbers wise, for our family of four, I got 6 cans of the regular powdered milk (which is based upon my food storage recipe lists and how much milk I need for my baking and cooking), and then I have purchased 12 cans of the Morning Moo (I figure in an emergency, Hubby can get by with one can a month for his drinking purposes. Eventually I may buy more as the budget allows.) 🙂
I purchased my regular powdered milk at Emergency Essentials® and the Morning Moo at Augason Farms, or it can also be bought HERE on Amazon. Or there’s also a Chocolate Morning Moo Milk variety that would really make it more fun to drink. Especially for any kiddos… or picky milk drinkers. (NOT saying I am one or anything.) 🙂

So go figure out what amounts you want/need for your long term supply  (use a food calculator, if needed) and then do a little price comparison (prices may have changed from the time I posted this) and start working on building your long-term food storage. You are going to want this food on hand to bring you peace of mind and security for the times that lie ahead.
Best Wishes and Happy Prepping!

4 thoughts on “Long-Term Food Storage: Powdered Milk

  1. RachelMcW says:

    We use THRIVE milk. They have instant (my kids love it!!) and powdered non-fat which I use for baking. My friend had a food storage party and the lady brought homemade yogurt made with THRIVE instant milk. I got to tell you it was THE BEST yogurt I ever had. She can get you set up with a discount account (www.shelfreliancesanantonio.com) so the price of milk is less than when I buy it fresh the local store.


  2. Neila says:

    Another thing you want to remember too is that Morning Moo’s is NOT milk; it is a milk alternative. One way you might try getting the actual milk in is to mix the powdered milk in with the Morning Moo. I haven’t actually tried this, but it seems like you’d get some of the flavor of the Morning Moo and at least a little of the nutrition of drinking the powdered milk.


    • Debbie says:

      Good comment, Neila. I like to use the Morning Moo milk just for drinking and/or in my cereal, and then I also have actual powdered milk stored as well that I would use in all my baking and cooking so that we still get the better nutrition of that. Morning Moo milk does have some of the nutrition, just not as much as regular milk.


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