Food For Thought: Warn Your Neighbor

So, seeing as we’re all busy getting ourselves prepared this month (September = National Preparedness Month), this would be the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with your neighbors and start talking ‘preparedness’ with them. Speaking from experience, I will tell you that in an emergency/crisis situation, you will feel 10, no… 100x better/safer/more secure if you know that your neighbors are on board with preparedness efforts. (I’ll tell you some Hurricane Ike stories next week to demonstrate this.)

But let me take this opportunity to brag and say that I have been blessed with some of the best neighbors a person can ask for. My neighbors are all of different faiths than me, but we all share a strong sense of integrity, preparedness, and looking out for one another. So I feel very blessed in this area. But I’ll admit that beyond my immediate neighbors, I am terribly unaware of who is in my neighborhood and what their preparedness levels are, or any of their views on the matter as well.

Again, having been through an actual emergency, I know we’re doing alright because we only had minor drama occur. However, this month provides the perfect excuse to get to know your neighbors and see what everyone has to offer in the preparedness realm. In an emergency, wouldn’t it be great to know that you had a surgeon down the street? Or what about an EMT? Someone with a chainsaw to help with that tree that just fell onto your house? People with generators to keep producing ice to keep refrigerators cold? Wouldn’t it be so nice to know that you had neighbors to help with all of this and you didn’t have to wait on/rely on FEMA and the government to step in? Community preparedness is such a strong tool and one of the most effective keys to surviving a crisis with the least amount of emotional stress… among other things!

My in-laws are a fabulous example of community preparedness. In their subdivision, they hosted a meeting at their home where neighbors could meet neighbors and emergency preparedness was discussed. They talked about who had what resources that could aid the neighborhood and who could be counted on for what. Together they have prepared so that in an emergency they can help take care of each other. The results would be amazing if we would all take the time to do this!

So anyway, make an effort this month (or next… or the next) to ‘warn your neighbor’. Help others in their preparedness efforts. In an emergency, we will all be much happier and safer if we do. And you never know… you may just have a lifelong friend waiting to meet you in the process. 🙂
Happy prepping!


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