Food For Thought: Light A Fire

Howdy all! Happy Monday! And a big hello and welcome to all those who saw the Fox News interview this morning (yep, I was on t.v. again… actually twice this morning). Glad you found us.

Well for today’s ‘food for thought’ I wanted to light a little fire under your buttocks to get y’all moving in your preparedness efforts.
Without wanting to be dubbed any sort of doomsday, Chicken Little ‘the sky is falling’, or any other sort of crazy nut, I wanted to pass on some information I’ve been hearing more and more of… and that is about the possibility of a world-wide food shortage. Now, before you roll your eyes at me and say ‘oh brother’ let me say that I agree that no one knows the future, and more often than not these kinds of predictions seem to fall flat so we disregard them more and more. However, I believe part of the reason we think these things fall flat is because if you live here in the USA, we tend to be sheltered from the effects of worldwide catastrophes because of our status as a world power and we do not realize that indeed people around the world are being majorly affected by them. But how long before one of them hits home in a big way?
For example, did you know that Russia (traditionally the worlds 4th largest exporter of wheat) has placed a ban on exporting wheat/grain until likely the end of 2011? The ban is designed to help keep their own country’s prices under control (since 2009 was their worst year on record for grain production), but it has caused riots and chaos in several countries (particularly in Africa) where grain prices have skyrocketed as a result of the ban. SOURCE and SOURCE. How long do you think we can be immune to the effects of this ban? I’m not talking about ‘suddenly there’s no food on the shelves at the store and we’re in mass riots’… but more like ‘suddenly the cost of bread is so high that people can hardly afford it anymore’.
And this is just one example of many that has given me cause to concern recently. I also know people who work or have worked in the food industry who all say that the US grain supply is essentially gone. We do not have a reserve anymore like we used to. Of course, no one really reports on these types of things (assuming they’re true) because they don’t want people to purchase in panic and cause an instant massive shortage. I agree with this. However, do not let yourself be caught unprepared if anything were to come of these shortages. Follow the steps to secure your food supply and go about your daily life. There is no need for panic; no need for fear; just determine to be prepared and get that fire burning in you.

Like I said, I don’t believe the sky is falling, I don’t believe in using fear and panic tactics, and I believe in the American people and our ability to handle crisis. So get yourself prepared so that YOU will be one of the people who can be counted on to stay calm in any given emergency. A prepared people is a happy people. 😀


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