Food Storage: Oh-My-Oats

Oats are another fabulous grain that I have thoroughly come to enjoy storing and using… especially as I have learned more and more about their great benefits. Here’s a quick rundown for ya…

Health Benefits:

  • Oats are high in fiber. They are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber in oats is beta-glucan which is effective in lowering blood cholesterol (one of the most common benefits of eating oats).
  • Oats are a great source of protein. Oat protein is almost the same in quality to soy protein (which has been shown by the WHO to be equal to meat, milk, and egg protein). The amount of protein of the hull-less oat kernel (oat groats) ranges from 12-24%, which is the highest among any of the cereal grains.
  • Oats are a valuable source of energy. They provide a slow release of energy over the morning because they are rich in complex carbohydrates–which reduces the desire to snack on quick-energy, sugar-based foods (translation: you can lose weight because you will eat less, stay full longer, and not snack on junk food!).
  • Oats are low in fat and contain no cholesterol.
  • Oats are a high source of vitamin B1.
  • Oats help to prevent heart disease and a variety of cancers.

Other Benefits:

  • Oats are a natural anti-depressant. In fact they are used to help treat depression.
  • Oats soothe the nerves and reduce stress. They are also used to help treat anxiety and nervous disorders.
  • Cooked oats help relieve fatigue.
  • Raw oats can be used to help relieve constipation.
  • Oats have a soothing effect on skin and are therefore used to help soothe skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, measles, chicken pox, and are also used in many cosmetic products.

Are you sold yet?! Good gracious! It really is amazing what wonderful things these grains that the Lord has given us can do for us! And yet, we are such a society of processed convenience foods… it’s no wonder we have so many problems, diseases, and cancers! I’d say it’s time to wise up and jump on the ‘health food’ wagon. 🙂 Anyway, to get the most health benefits from oats, eat ½ to 1 cup of oats every day. Combine this with a low-fat, high-fiber diet and you’ll be in good shape. 🙂

Storing Your Oats

  • Store your oats in a cool, dark, dry location.
  • Store oats in an air tight, opaque container. You can use mylar bags, food grade buckets, or cans.
  • You can use either oxygen absorbers or Diatomaceous Earth (see the information on wheat storage for more information about DE) to protect against a critter infestation.
  • Properly stored oats will have a shelf life of at least 30 years.

Well, if you weren’t an oat eater before, hopefully this information has helped to open your eyes a little as to why you should be storing and eating more oats! Next week we’ll talk about the different types of oats and how to cook them. So stay tuned!

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