Food For Thought: Why One Year?

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope your weekend was a nice one. Today I want to ‘discuss’ a question I have thought about a time or two:  Why are we asked to store food for one year?
Yes, I understand why it’s important to store food (hence this website), but where does ‘one year’ come from?

My brother is a much deeper philosopher than I am, and could probably give some better insights, but some of my musings have led to answers such as: ‘If you were to be unemployed, that is a safe amount of time to be prepared for because it very well may take that long to find another job’; or ‘It puts you in a position to be generous with others in need while still having your needs met’; etc.

But then I heard something (and for the life of me I can’t remember where) that really made it come together a little better for me. The comment was something to the effect of (and I apologize that I am roughly paraphrasing this) that in the event of a widespread catastrophe (like an economic failure or a large scale, nationwide terrorist attack… essentially the collapse of our society), it would take about a year for society to recover and start resuming things like our big grocery stores, etc. (Note that it wasn’t saying it would be a year for things to be ‘back to normal’, but a year just to get things like our needed stores up and running again!) That made sense to me because our stores are so dependent upon having foods imported and trucked in from all over the country that if the system was disrupted on a large enough scale, it would take a long time for that basic structure to be restored. Obviously local stores would pop up, but I don’t know many cities that have the ability to produce everything their current local stores carry. We would definitely be limited as to the things we would have access to.

Not that I am predicting a social/economical collapse anytime in the near future (although I would not be surprised to see one happen!), but I see why this counsel to be able to provide for your family for a year is so important. A year is a long time. And it will feel even longer if we find ourselves without the resources to take care of ourselves. Societies will quickly break down and turn upon each other when these resources become scarce. And as I mentioned before, if you or your family is starving and scared, you will follow just about anyone who promises they can feed you and take care of you. The counsel to store a year supply of food puts us in a position to follow truth and not those who will feed on fear. It also puts us in a position to live in peace. And who couldn’t use a little more peace in these troubled times?! 🙂 Don’t wait. There are already many factors in play that are diminishing the amount of food we have access to. I’ll share one of them with you next week. But until then, get on your horse and get that year supply going!! And best wishes to you in your efforts.


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