Feature Friday: Back To School

*Oh my panic! I got up this morning to work on this post, so I opened up my website and all of my posts were gone! Wiped clean! Nothing! Holy heart attack! But after a quick call to my host provider and a database repair, we are back up and running. So, if you tried to check this site earlier and saw nothing, my apologies. But we’re good to go now. So on with the show! šŸ™‚ *

Well, it’s that time of year again. The kids are headed back to school! (Well, not for me… my kiddos aren’t old enough yet. But I dream of this day. :)) So the question is: Are you ready? Getting yourself prepared in advance will go a long way in reducing the stress of the week and helping things to run smoothly.

Here are some helpful tips to get you through the transition period:

  • Have a central calendar of events where everyone can see it. Make sure it includes the goings-on for every member of the family. This will help eliminate confusion in who needs to be where and when.
  • Get all the school supplies needed early. Check with the school if there is anything specific your children need. Schools/teachers will often have a supply checklist for you to make sure your child is prepared with the proper and necessary items.
  • Clear your schedule for the first week of school. Make yourself available to your children as they will probably have questions or concerns, and if you’re busy doing other things you may just miss their silent pleas for help. So just be there for your children. This will also allow time Ā to take care of any unexpected dilemmas.
  • Start adapting your morning schedule at least a week in advance. Each day, start waking up a little earlier until you are back at your school morning start times. This way you won’t be waking up groggy for the first day of school, but will be adapted to the earlier times.
  • Take your Ā children to their school a few days before school starts to show them where their classes are. If they change classes throughout the day, walk through the routes to the different classes so that the children are familiar and comfortable with the routine. If they will be riding the bus, visit the pick-up location as well as the drop off location so your child knows how to get to their class once leaving the bus. If you drop them off and pick them up, make sure your child knows where to meet you.
  • Have a test run. A day or two before school starts, have a test run in the morning. Do this by instructing everyone on what their chores and responsibilities will be in the morning (setting the table, combing hair, brushing teeth, making the bed, etc.), then set your alarm clocks, and when you wake up, go through the morning routine just as though you were going to school that day. Make sure everyone is ready to go by the time you’d have to be leaving.
  • Prepare lunches the night before (with the exception of anything that may go mushy) and have the children lay out their clothes. This will reduce the number of things to do in the morning when things are more chaotic.
  • If you are LDS, a Father’s/Priesthood Blessing would also be very appropriate for each of your children to start the year off right.
  • Remember that a little bit of nervousness is normal, so don’t go overboard in trying to compensate for this. Allow your children to experience the fun and excitement of a new school year, all prepared and ready to go.

Best Wishes and enjoy your last few days of Summer together!


One thought on “Feature Friday: Back To School

  1. Agustin Guymon says:

    I can’t believe it’s finally back to school for the little ones. I don’t know how the teachers do it. Here in Florida the schools are so under staffed the teachers don’t even have teacher aids for the kindergarten and first graders. Now this year some of the smaller schools are actually asking for parents to provide toilet paper as school supplies. Makes you wonder if things get any worse what else we will have to provide for the schools.


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