And The Winner Is-

I’ll just cut right to the chase (since I’ve already made you wait all weekend long! :)). The winner of our Red Alert Outfitters ‘Grab and Go Kit’ Giveaway is:

Comment #4, Bonnie Packard!

Bonnie said, “The Blog site is really blossoming…I’m sending the link to our Relief Society Pres. for her to pass along to the sisters in our ward. I’ve purchased some freeze-dried food from other companies as well…the shelf-life longevity was a selling point for me, as well as the fact that it really does taste pretty good. Yes, water storage becomes pretty important along with it. Bean storage and use is an area I could use help with.”

Congratulations Bonnie! You have 48 hours to claim your prize! Simply email me at: and I will get your information so you can receive your free gift! And I’ll be sure to get some bean storage information up on the website at some point… hopefully sooner rather than later. 🙂

Thanks to everyone else for your great comments. I hope you’ll all keep up your food storage efforts!


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