Feature Friday: Create A Solar Still

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Howdy y’all! Today we’re going to learn how to purify your water using the sun! Not only is this good information to know for an emergency situation, but it’s also good fun you can have with the kiddos any sunny day of the week. Science project, here we come! 🙂

A solar still will purify your water, removing any metals, salt, chemicals, impurities, etc., all without the use of any electricity. The only source of fuel it uses is the sun! And since it removes salt, this even works with salt water from the ocean!

What You Need:

  • a wide plastic basin (like a big ice cream bucket)
  • a smaller jar or glass for collecting the clean water
  • a large piece of transparent plastic (plastic wrap can work)
  • a large rubber band or some string to hold the plastic in place
  • a stone
  • water
  • salt (only if doing this for experimental purposes)

What You Do:

  1. Put your dirty/salty water in the bottom of your basin (if doing this for an experiment, add your salt to your water and mix it up). Make sure the water is below the height of your collecting jar.
  2. Place your collecting jar in the middle of your basin.
  3. Cover the basin with the plastic wrap. Make sure that it is secured tightly at the edges. Use your rubber band or string to seal off the edges.
  4. Place a stone on top of the plastic wrap, directly above your collecting jar. (Make sure the stone doesn’t weigh the plastic down far enough to where it touches your collecting jar.)
  5. Carefully move your solar still into direct sunlight.
  6. Watch as the water begins to condense on the plastic and then drip down toward the stone and into the collecting jar. (This will take a few hours to occur.)
  7. Any water in the collecting jar is now purified water. Drink and enjoy!

Note: If you are doing this in an actual emergency situation as a source for your clean water, make several/many of these and have water continually purifying throughout the day.

Source: www.Education.com


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