Frugal Friday: Homemade Furniture!

*Notice! Giveaway Change-of-Date* Hey y’all… sorry if you were anticipating the giveaway today. Our sponsor just got back into town and we still needed a few days to get everything put together. So the giveaway will now be held NEXT Friday, August 6th.

But, oh my heavens, have I got a frugal treat for y’all! I came across a new (well, new to me) website and instantly fell in love. It’s called Anna White Knock-Off Wood. …Kind of a play on words… like ‘knock on wood’… get it? ya? Okay… it took me a second to get it. 🙂 ( This lady is amazing. She looks at a designer piece of furniture (or whatever she feels like building) and then figures out how to make it and gives the design to you for FREE. So if you have any sort of building skills (which, I don’t… but you can bet I’m gonna learn!!), or a skilled hubby (which, I do, but I still want to learn this stuff anyway!), you have GOT to check out this website and start building your own furniture instead of paying high dollar for what’s in the stores. From beds to bookshelves, armoires, storage solutions, and more… you’ll find just about anything you’re looking for. Hope you enjoy her site, as I have! 😀


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