Emergency Preparedness: 72-Hour Kits Finale

Alright… just one last push for 72-Hour Kits. Here’s a complete checklist for you to download (see link at the end) that includes all the recommended contents from the post two weeks ago. Use it as is to help in putting together your own kits, or use it as a guide in making your own. Either way, I recommend putting a checklist in every kit so that you know what is included in each one (without having to go digging through the entire kit to see if you do or do not have a certain item). And remember that you don’t have to include everything that’s on the list. Just make sure you’ve got the essentials and then choose what is best and appropriate for you and your family.

Again, remember to check and rotate your perishable items (food, batteries, medicines…) every 6 months (mark it on your calendar, or tie it in to semi-annual events… like General Conference! :)). I recommend putting the expiration dates of perishable products next to their spot on the checklist so that it’s easy to see which ones will be expiring before the next update. Then you can just quickly replace those items and not have to worry about checking your whole kit. Print out a new checklist each time you update and add the new expiration dates. Always keep your kits up to date so that they will be ready to just grab and go any time you need them!

Download your checklist and save it to your computer here: 72 Hour Kit Checklist


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