Food Storage: Organized Chaos!

Hey y’all! Just sharing some food storage craziness with you today.

So I got my can organizers in this past week and was SO excited! I dutifully set right to putting them together and in my excitement, couldn’t wait to see how they would look with cans in them and on my shelves. So I started filling them up as fast as I could assemble them and as I got more of them together, I tried to figure out where/how they would fit on my shelves. Mind you, I had measured my shelves prior to ordering so that I’d know which sizes I could order, and I thought I had accurately checked the height limitations as well. And actually, I had… minus the fact that I had neglected to take into account one thing: my adjustable shelves in my master closet that I had planned to adjust to fit the organizers were not so adjustable. They’re supposed to be adjustable, but they seem to be stuck. I started getting a little curious about how this would all play out now. Hmm…

So barring having to pry the shelves out and go through a BIG hassle and expensive mess that way, my plan is going to have to be altered. What’s a girl to do?! So I checked the space on my office shelves (which I know I can alter the height on), and have begun to reformulate my organization. I’m going to have to take all my cans from my closet and move them to the office and move all of the food in the office to my closet.

THANK GOODNESS I like to organize. Otherwise I might as well ask someone for a loaded gun to put me out of my misery! 🙂 But for me it’s like a big puzzle. So I’ll be enjoying working on this new organizational process for the next few days/weeks. But the moral of the story is: measure twice, cut once. Make sure you know you can get your shelves to the height you need before you get your hopes up too high. 🙂

And on that note, I hope y’all are doing good! We’ll continue our water information series next week. 🙂


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