Food Storage: Where To Store

Alright! We’re moving right along (hopefully) with our year supply plan. And as the ball gets moving and the food starts rolling in, you may quickly realize that your kitchen pantry simply does not have enough room to store your year supply. So where does it go? Under the bed?  *Wrong.*  Up in the attic?  *Nope.*  Out in the garage?  *Try again.*  No, no, no… the point of gathering everyday  food is so that we will use it everyday! And if we are going to do that, we need our food to be as easily accessible as possible. If our food is stored in an obscure, hard to access location, it is very unlikely that we will keep up with our rotation and our whole system will be out the window.

Ideally, we want to keep all of our food in one location. In a perfect world, we would all have a gorgeous 12 x 12 basement room, filled with rotating shelves, that always stays below 65 degrees F, and never gets moisture or bugs in it. Ah yes… one can always dream. 🙂 But here in the real world, if we want a functioning storage system, we may have to be willing to sacrifice for it. Remember in the beginning when I said we’re going to have to dedicate our time, money, and space? Well, this would be where the ‘space’ factor comes into play.

Take a mental picture of each room in your home. If you (like me) do not have any obviously empty rooms, closets, shelves, etc that are sitting around just waiting to be filled up with your food supply, you may just have to make space. It may not be fashionable, it may not be pretty, and it may downright clash with the room… but it’s important to get a functioning system up and running. So what are you looking for when trying to pick a location? You want as much space as possible in as few locations as possible (again, so that you can keep as much of your food together as you can), that is in a fairly cool, dry spot of your home.

Click HERE for some helpful ideas on hidden locations in your home.

Here’s my own example: My food storage is mostly split into two locations (well, three if you count the kitchen pantry)… our master walk-in closet, and our office. Our master closet already had a built-in ceiling to floor cupboard when we moved in and that automatically became a food storage location right off the bat (thank goodness we don’t have that many clothes.) 🙂 But as our supply started growing beyond that space, we also started using the shelves above our clothes racks and we have now also added a second shelf above the original ones. But even that was not enough space and I knew I was going to have to find another location. I finally determined our office/craft room/sewing room would have to be the next space to give (as if it didn’t already serve enough purposes!). It has several bookcases in it that are home to our movies, games, and books. Well, I cleared out all our movies (which took up most of the space), got rid of the ones not worthy of remaining in our home, and made room for the rest in the family room. I then proceeded to organize the office shelves with food storage. Yes, I often get weird looks when people walk into my office and see shelves of food. I just tell them I get hungry when I’m working on the computer. 😀 just kidding. Frankly, they don’t care and I don’t care. They’re all my family or friends and love me anyway. 🙂 But even now I’m already starting to get to the point where I’m going to need more space (ACK!) so my mind is constantly on the look out for spots that can have shelves built in, or something else taken out. (Next thing you know, my kids will be sleeping in the garage!) 🙂 just kidding!! But the point is… there is space in your home, you just have to get creative and find it! And I know I said “no” to under the bed… but guess what? If you got some of those ‘under the bed drawers’ that pull out easily so you can take stock of what’s there, that would work too!
Yes, some things in the house may have to go in order to make space. But I would venture a guess that not many of them (if any) are more important than following the prophet and seeing to the welfare of your family. And there are lots of ways to take a space and make it look nice… even when it’s cans of food. Organize it, hang curtains in front of it, add beautiful art pieces to it, paint the shelves pretty colors… do something to make yourself at peace with it.

And if you ever look at your food and see it as a big eyesore in the middle of your room, just remind yourself that it’s just temporary until you become rich and famous and have that big mansion on the hill with a huge basement that is temperature controlled and set aside just for your food storage. 😀

And one more word from me on the subject… if you cannot have all your food in one place, do your best to logically organize what foods you keep together. For example, I keep all of our staple foods together (flour, sugar, wheat), all our fruits and vegetables together, ‘ready to go’ type stuff like pasta sauce, canned soups, peanut butter, jelly, snack foods, etc. are all kept together in the office, etc. It helps me to remember where things are located so that when I need an item, I’m not constantly trying to remember where it is or having to look all over for it. I just know what ‘type’ of food it is and can figure it out from there. And labels can be lifesavers too (especially where husbands are concerned!) 😉
Well, that’s all from me for now. Good luck to ya’ll!

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One thought on “Food Storage: Where To Store

  1. Angela Groke says:

    Great tips! I’ve got one more for ya :). For under the bed or couch you could place food on colapsed down cardboard, a sheet of smooth thin masonite board or something like that -add a couple handles like from duct tape or drill holes and throw fabric or rope through and voila! -an easy/ accesible slide in and out solution!


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