Educational Preparedness: Introduction

Education is a part of preparedness? Really?? You bet! Remember that all these preparedness categories are intertwined. Being more adept and prepared in one area will help you to succeed in another. A good education sets us up for success in a job/career, which sets us up for success in our financial goals, which sets us up for success in living a completely self-reliant and prepared life. This is why General Authorities have proclaimed ‘education and career development’ to be one of the areas in which we should focus our preparedness efforts.
But we’re not just talking about formal education to further our preparedness. Granted, a formal education is very important, but not all learning takes place in a classroom. There is so much to learn from life in general and the people around us that will equally (if not more so) help us to be successful in life and our personal/family goals.
Education is a life-long, ongoing process, so don’t get stuck thinking you have to sign up for classes at your local college or be working on a PhD in order to further your education. Opportunities to learn are everywhere. A good habit to get into would be to always have a book that you are reading or a topic you are studying. (Make the local library one of your best friends.) Think of a topic you would like to know more about (wood working skills, sewing, cooking/baking, finances, etc). Now set a goal to read at least one book on the subject. You can even set a goal to do something related to that topic (i.e. for wood working, set a goal to make a bookcase; for sewing, you could sign up for a class or learn online how to sew a cute skirt or a tote bag; for cooking, plan to host a fun dinner party featuring all new menu items; finances— learn about and do some investing… or set a goal to be debt free!:)) And don’t forget about all those knowledgeable family members and neighbors you have! Spend some time with them to learn what they know and let them pass on their valuable skills and knowledge.
So make it a goal TODAY to continually be learning something new. And yes, if you started college but never finished, or you still need to get that high school diploma, those would be excellent places to start. There are many colleges with programs available that will allow you to accomplish these goals while still holding your current job or staying at home to raise your children through night classes or online courses. (If you happened to start college at BYU, but never finished, they now have a new program to assist in completing your degree from home. Click HERE for more information.) So, get some courage and take the first step towards a smarter, more prepared YOU.
Educating ourselves will help us be better prepared for whatever challenges we have to face.
“When we have knowledge and wisdom, we are better able to discern truth from error and make good choices.” –Provident


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