Food For Thought: Store For MY Sake!

Howdy all. Just wanted to share this thought with you that I came across in an article. It just hits the nail smack on the head regarding why YOU should store food.

“I want people to store food not only for their sake, but for mine as well. I don’t want to decide which of my kids have to go hungry when you and your unprepared kin come knocking on my door.”  (I interrupt this quote to make this comment…)

Um. Ya. Makes you stop and think, doesn’t it?! If there’s an emergency, or a famine, or a trucker’s strike so there’s no food on our grocery store shelves, and you are not prepared… don’t think for a second that you’re not going to go begging to someone else if it means saving your child’s life. And what does your begging mean? It means someone else is going to have to go without so that you can have. Take a look at your children… at your neighbor’s children. Who are you going to pick to have to go without?

(okay… continuing on with the quote :))
“Contrary to progressive-collectivist thinking, every individual who takes care of themselves and their families benefits society by not becoming a burden. So take responsibility now and start today. Don’t expect the Feds to come by to hand you your ration of government-issued cheese. You could be in for a long wait.”      -Ron Shirtz

So now that we’ve got some perspective on the implications of NOT being prepared… GO AND GET PREPARED, PEOPLE!! 😀

Click HERE for the full article.

Photo courtesy of John Nyberg


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