Food For Thought: Food Storage- A Spiritual Commandment, Part I

My husband and I are avid Glenn Beck watchers. It’s kind of become our nightly date on the sofa after the kids have gone to bed. (We’re so romantic.) 🙂 We love not just the straight talk that we get (as well as from Fox News in general vs. the other news stations), but I love how he is trying to help Americans think forward and prepare for the hard times ahead. (There’s my little plug for Glenn Beck. Go watch!)
So, I’d never really thought of ‘food storage’ as a spiritual concept… one relating to my spiritual well-being. It’s always been a physical one—it takes care of a physical need. But recently I’ve had two “Ah Ha!” moments in terms of the spiritual nature of the warning to store food. The first one I’ll share comes from the March 11, 2010 Glenn Beck show (see? There was a reason for mentioning him :)).
To quickly summarize his point, Glenn said that when people are scared and hungry they will follow just about anyone who promises to ‘save them’ from their troubles. When we’re afraid and hungry, we don’t see things clearly. Our judgment becomes clouded and we are simply looking for a way out of our misery.
He put up two pictures side-by-side: Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler.

Two people as wildly different as could be, and yet both said, “Come, follow me. I will save you. Follow me and there will be no hunger nor thirst.” And when you’re hungry and afraid, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two men.
Glenn’s plead to us: Get yourself prepared before you are afraid and hungry so that when the times are hard, you can think clearly and you will not follow the wrong man.
Interesting, huh? Have we ever stopped to think that perhaps the Lord has given us this commandment to help save our spiritual souls? I’m not sure any of us knows what it’s like to be truly hungry… to be truly on the brink of starvation and death. What would we do at that point to end the pain and suffering? Who would we follow? And would we, in turn, lose sight of who our real Master and Savior is at that time?
Be prepared. So you won’t be hungry and afraid.


5 thoughts on “Food For Thought: Food Storage- A Spiritual Commandment, Part I

  1. Bonnie Packard says:

    Great insight…I love Glenn Beck too. Faith in Christ leads to trust in His omniscience and a willingness to follow His teachings and counsel as received by His prophets on earth…even though we may not understand with our finite minds all the reasons why at the time. GREAT BLOG! Looking forward to more to come.


  2. Charlene B says:

    I had to smile when I read of your nightly date ritual with your husband and Glenn. That’s us too! Somehow I missed the episode you speak of though. It always amazes me how he casually throws in gospel principles on his show:)

    Many years ago, when I was first starting out with my family, I had a distinct thought of “What would I do if I couldn’t feed my children?” Would I steal a loaf of bread? How far would I sink if they were starving? I immediately determined that I didn’t want to find out. The counsel to be prepared took on new meaning. It wasn’t a physical commandment for me at this point. It took on a spiritual note. I did not want to risk losing my spirituality by having to sink to steal or something. Right after that, I got called as the Ward preparedness person:) Got me moving all right.


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