Who Am I? And Why Should You Bother Listening To Me?

Well, first off, let me introduce myself. Hi! My name is Debbie (insert shaking hands here). I’m a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful daughters (currently ages 1 and 2) and a wife to one fantastic husband who never mocks all my crazy, insane ideas (like writing this blog). I love to do a myriad of things, including crafting, reading (when I have “spare” time), baking, and more than anything I love being with my family. I’ve also decided that I suffer from COD (Compulsive Organizational Disorder) (yes, I made that up… I think) 🙂 and one of the hardest things for me about being a mom has been ‘letting go’ of my need for control and order when it comes to certain aspects of life… like messes. Sometimes life is just messy (especially where kids are concerned) and it’s not healthy (for me nor my children) to try and fight it all the time. However, food storage is one area in which I can let my organizational freak side run wild. And I’ve gotta say, when I sit back and look at my beautiful jars of spaghetti sauce all lined up in a nice pretty row, my heart does a silent leap for joy at my little victory. Ah yes, if for no other reason than that, I love food storage. 🙂

Okay, and now that you know what a nut I am, why in the world should you bother listening to me?! Well, in no way, shape, or form do I claim to be an expert in any of the food storage/ emergency preparedness arenas, but I have learned a thing or two as I’ve experienced life—things that not every family has had to go through—that I hope can help you if you’re ever in the same boat (or better yet, before you’re ever in the same boat!).
One of my unique experiences was Hurricane Ike. I live in the suburbs of Houston, TX and had the pleasure of being here when Hurricane Ike hit in September of 2008. And although we were fortunate enough to be on the ‘clean’ side of the hurricane (meaning we didn’t take the full force of its’ wrath), we were still without power for 7 days and had plenty of clean up to take care of. Luckily, we were pretty prepared at that point, but boy did we learn some lessons about life in an emergency/crisis situation.
The other fun life experience we recently just came out of was unemployment. A little over three months ago hubby lost his job. However, the entire time he was without a job we never had to panic over the situation. We’ve been working hard on following the counsel of living prophets to have a reserve of food and money and I can truly testify that this has been the source of so much peace to us in a time that could otherwise have caused great panic. Because we have some savings to fall back on, we have never had to apply for government aid and hubby has had time to reevaluate his passions and pursue a new career path. All this without ever having to worry if we will have enough money to pay the bills or enough food to put in our mouths. It was there. And we’re at peace.
Now as I said, I’m no expert, and we certainly still have a long way to go before we’re where we want to be, but I would love to share the wisdom and lessons I’ve learned along the road I’ve already traveled as well as those lessons I will continue to learn. So feel free to join me. I promise to try and make it worth your while. 🙂


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