Howdy and Welcome!

Hi there! And welcome to ‘Food Storage & Beyond’. This is a website dedicated to helping you (and me!) on the road to self-reliance. As I have taken my own journey, I have come across a lot of important knowledge, helpful tips and tricks, great recipes, and so many neat ideas that help to make the whole ‘food storage’ process so much more simple, logical, and even fun! And I thought to myself, ‘Self, it sure would be a shame to have gone through all this effort and then not share the wealth.’ (Well, wisdom anyway). 🙂 And although I’m still in the process myself (let’s be real… this isn’t something that’s accomplished overnight), I would love it if you’d share the journey with me and hopefully we’ll enjoy the adventure together.


One thought on “Howdy and Welcome!

  1. Angela Groke says:

    YAaHOOOoooooo!!! The site is AMAZING -YOU are AMAZING!! This is going to be such a great help for us (we’ll apply your wealth/ wisdom every week in Family Home Evening -and I will certainly be spreading the news!!! Thank you so much for doing this Debs! Love you!


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